Lineman Movie Review: Unreliable Power Supply


Lineman feels like a short story stretched beyond its limits. Director Raghu Shashtry’s vision, while potentially engaging, gets lost in a sprawling 121 minutes. The film struggles to find its rhythm, lurching from scene to scene without a strong narrative flow.

The protagonist, our local lineman, is tasked with keeping the village lights on. But on the eve of a revered elder’s centenary celebration, he throws the town into darkness with an unexplained power cut. His reasons, while possibly valid, come across as unconvincing and oddly childish.

The screenplay suffers from similar weaknesses, resorting to simplistic plot devices and underdeveloped characters. The intermission arrives abruptly, leaving the remaining runtime feeling redundant. Even the first half is weighed down by unnecessary sequences and one-note characters.

The film’s trailer hinted at something more profound, but the reality falls short. The runtime is cluttered with forgettable characters, barely more substantial than social media snippets. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Lineman prioritizes a heavy-handed moral lesson over a captivating narrative. The message itself might be worthy, but its delivery feels preachy and condescending. This alienates viewers from both the film and the cause it champions.

Ultimately, Lineman is a letdown. The weak script, uninspired acting, and tedious pacing combine to create a thoroughly mediocre experience. The wafer-thin plot is burdened further by needless songs and subplots. Lineman is easily skippable; you won’t miss much.


Film: Lineman
Director: Raghu Shashtry 
Cast: Thrigun A, B Jayashree, Kaajal Kunder, Harini Shreekanth
Duration: 121 minutes
Certificate: U
Stars: 1.5


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