Blood they say, is always thicker than water; admitting the strength of familial bonds. “Desai” is one such family drama where the familiar theme of generation gap disputes gets a fresh treatment and explores the varied emotions that threaten to disrupt a family. How the concerned characters resolve these issues of ideology and how family bonds triumph over societal hurdles is neatly handled by the director.

Set in north Karnataka, the film depicts the story in those familiar backdrops and language. The plot is about the protagonist (Praveen Kumar of Love 360 fame) leaving home for Mumbai unable to reconcile with his father (Madhusudhan Rao as Dasharatha Desai) and pursue his own dreams. It is not only the breakup between a father and son but an entire family. In Mumbai, the hero realizes that family is more important than chasing some dreams. He decides to return home and bring together the family. Is it too late or does he succeeds in managing the impossible forms the rest of the story.

The basic plot of uniting the family is a staple Tollywood dish. Here, director Nagi Reddy Bada in his directorial debut plays a safe bet by creating a familiar but entertaining narrative on the same theme. Praveen Kumar had shown his talent in Love 360 and in Desai, he has managed to deliver a commendable performance. Radhya, who plays the female lead has a decent role and is not confined to songs. Orata Prashanth returns to the big screen after a long gap. He does justice to the special role in a new avatar. This could well mark a successful return for him going by how he manages to steal the screen presence from everyone.

Technically the film is on a sound footing with appealing visuals, decent music and background score and a fast paced narrative. Some of the north Karnataka locales are beautifully captured and enhance the visual appeal of the movie. Praveen excels in the action scenes especially those involving the traditional wrestling. Overall, Desai is an above average movie that gives more than enough entertainment for the ticket price.


Film: Desai
Director: Nagi Reddy Bada
Cast: H Praveen Kumar, Radhya R, Madhusudhan Rao, Orata Prashanth, Harini Shreekanth
Duration: 142 minutes
Stars: 3


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