Chef Chidambara

Chef Chidambara,” directed by M Anand Raj, is a refreshing dark comedy thriller that weaves elements of crime, suspense, and drama into a captivating narrative. This 105-minute film, inspired by an incident in Sri Lanka, is a rollercoaster of emotions and twists that keeps the audience engaged from start to finish.

Aniruddha Jatkar delivers a convincing performance as the beleaguered chef, showcasing his transition from television to film seamlessly. Rachel David matches his energy, providing a strong support as Anu. Nidhi Subbaiah, returning after a hiatus, portrays the gold-digger seductress with flair, adding depth to her character. Shivamani’s portrayal of the don adds a humorous touch, while Sharath Lohitashwa steals the show with his corrupt cop act.

The story revolves around Chidambara (Aniruddha Jatkar), a chef in dire financial straits. His girlfriend, Anu (Rachel David), stands by him, hopeful that they can salvage his ancestral seaside property and lead a peaceful life together. Chidambara’s journey intertwines with Mona (Nidhi Subbaiah), the wife of an elderly businessman entangled in a blackmail scheme. As Chidambara decides to help Mona retrieve compromising photos from her ex, the plot thickens with the involvement of an underworld don (Shivamani) searching for a stolen phone containing top-secret information. A corrupt cop (Sharath Lohitashwa) and a shady mechanic further complicate the storyline, leading to a murder that brings all the characters together.

Director M Anand Raj masterfully maintains a balanced pace throughout the film. The first half sets the stage, introducing a myriad of characters and building the suspense, while the second half keeps the momentum, leading to an unexpected and thrilling climax. Despite a few minor flaws, such as an unconvincing body disposal scene and a couple of forced fight sequences, the film succeeds in holding the audience’s attention.

The film’s title, “Chef Chidambara,” might seem a bit puzzling, given that the narrative focuses more on crime and intrigue than culinary exploits. However, it metaphorically represents how Chidambara, like a chef, blends diverse ingredients to cook up a solution to his financial woes and navigate through the chaos around him.

M Anand Raj’s direction is commendable, as he manages to concoct a gripping storyline with a mix of humor and suspense. The film’s dark comedy genre, rarely explored in Kannada cinema, adds a unique flavor, making “Chef Chidambara” a standout. Despite a few unnecessary scenes and the somewhat forced inclusion of references to actor Vishnuvardhan, the film remains engaging and entertaining.

Sharath Lohitashwa’s portrayal of the corrupt cop is particularly noteworthy, adding a layer of complexity and tension to the story. Shivamani’s character brings in the necessary comic relief, lightening the mood amidst the suspense. The dynamic between Aniruddha Jatkar and Rachel David’s characters is believable and adds emotional depth to the plot.

In conclusion, “Chef Chidambara” is a delightful watch, offering a blend of suspense, comedy, and drama. Its unexpected twists and well-rounded performances make it a worthwhile experience. For those unaccustomed to the dark comedy genre, this film presents an intriguing and enjoyable introduction. M Anand Raj has indeed cooked up a tasty cinematic treat that, despite a few minor missteps, leaves a lasting impression.

Chef Chidambara

Film: Chef Chidambara
Director: M Anand Raj
Duration: 105 minutes
Cast: Aniruddha Jatkar, Rachel David, Nidhi Subbaiah
Stars: 3.5




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