Jayam Ravi’s ‘Genie’ First Look enthralls fans with captivating presentation


Jayam Ravi’s ‘Genie’ has mesmerized fans with its enchanting presentation! Vels Film International Dr. Ishari K Ganesh has always been a beacon of delight for movie enthusiasts, delivering a plethora of captivating films across various genres. Now, he is all set to astound audiences with ‘Genie’, promising an extraordinary cinematic journey.

The striking and vibrant first look featuring Jayam Ravi is a testament to the visual extravaganza awaiting the viewers. Directed by Arjunan Jr., the co-director of Mysskin’s Pisasu and Onaiyum Aattukuttiyum, this film marks his directorial debut.

Sharing his experience collaborating with Jayam Ravi, Arjunan Jr. expresses, “Working with Jayam Ravi has been an absolute pleasure. His dedication and commitment are truly commendable. Script discussions that usually take a week were wrapped up in just half a day. His work ethic is truly inspiring, always willing to go the extra mile for a perfect shot. He is a gem of a person.”

Delving into the film’s essence, Arjunan Jr. reveals, “‘Genie’ is primarily a fantasy film infused with action and emotions, anchored by themes of family and relationships. Audiences can expect a narrative that transcends the boundaries of fantasy. Furthermore, the film is centered around strong female characters, evident from the first look. The presence of a mother, sister, and soulmate underscores the emotional core of the story. I aimed to create a film that offers a wholesome cinematic experience devoid of violence and bloodshed, catering to a wide range of audience demographics.”

With remarkable progress, the crew has nearly completed 75% of the shooting, leaving only 3 songs to be wrapped up, a mere formality that will be concluded within the next 10 days. Astonishingly, the director astounds us with the news that the editing process has already been finalized, with only the meticulous fine-tuning remaining to be accomplished during the postproduction phase, which is advancing at an unprecedented pace.

Moreover, the director enthralls us with the revelation that Jayam Ravi will grace the screen in an extraordinary character, accompanied by an entirely novel and surprising appearance. Kriti Shetty, Kalyani Priyadarshan, Devayani, and Wamiqa Gabbi have all embraced distinctive roles, delivering breathtaking performances that have left the entire team in awe.

The team is brimming with excitement as they collaborate with the illustrious AR Rahman, firmly believing that this cinematic masterpiece will be an extravagant treat for all  his fans and music lovers. The production house has spared no expense in materializing this film on a grandiose scale, with innovative and opulent set designs that are set to mesmerize audiences.

Genie is crafted with grandeur by producer Dr. Ishari K Ganesh from Vels Film International, with the creative visualiser-filmmaker Arjunan Jr. at the helm. The stunning visuals are captured by Mahesh Muthuswami. Pradeep E Ragav skillfully edits the film, with heart-pounding action choreography by the one and only Yannick Ben.



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