Gowrishankar to continue as actor not producer


Actor-producer Gowrishankar is hanging up his boots as a producer for the time being. At the function to celebrate his latest film Kerebete completing a 50-day-run in theatres he announced that for the next few years at least, he will concentrate on his acting career only.
“Travelling on two boats at the same time is not ideal. I have produced both the films I acted in as a lead actor. It is not just challenging but very draining. I have spent more time on each film because I was donning two roles. At least for the next five years, I am not thinking of producing any film. I will stay focused on acting,” he said.

Despite the challenging climate for Kannada cinema, with many films struggling to attract audiences, “Kerebete” directed by Raj Guru reaching the milestone of fifty days is a notable achievement.

To mark this occasion, the film’s team held a celebration, presenting mementos to everyone who contributed to the project. Renowned directors Shashank and Dayal Padmanabh, along with producer Uday Mehta and actor Pratham, were present to share in the joy.

Speaking at the event, Gowrishankar said, “While the film didn’t achieve significant commercial success, it received excellent reviews from the audience. Wherever I go, people recognize me as the hero of ‘Kerebete.’ It has run for 50 days consecutively in theatres across Karnataka and is still showing in some. We wanted to share this joy with you, which is why we are celebrating today. ‘Kerebete’ was a big dream for me, but its lack of commercial success is disappointing.

Directors Dayal Padmanaban and Shashank, along with producer Uday Mehta, shared their experiences in the film industry and consoled Gowrishankar about the film’s lack of commercial success. They emphasized that audience acceptance and positive reviews are what truly matter. Actor Pratham also encouraged Gowrishankar, suggesting that a celebration should focus on the positives.



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