The highly anticipated movie ‘Kotee,’ starring Dhananjay, is set to release on June 14. The songs from the movie are already trending on social media, and the trailer for ‘Kotee’ will be released on coming wednesday.

For the promotion of ‘Kotee,’ Dhananjay visited Davangere. The actor was the chief guest at Bapuji Engineering College’s ‘Davana’ festival, one of the biggest college festivals in the state. His presence brought immense joy to the fans. Over five thousand students attended the event, which also featured ‘Kotee’ lead actress Moksha Kushal and co-stars Pruthvi Shamanur, Thanuja Venkatesh, and Abhishek Shrikanth.

When Dhananjay stepped onto the stage at ‘Davana,’ the cheers and shouts of the fans were deafening. ‘Kotee’ revolves around an ordinary driver who dreams of earning one crore rupees without deceiving or hurting anyone, to provide a good life for his family. Dhananjay asked the students, “Who here dreams of earning a crore?” and, after listening to their responses, remarked, “Kotee is a film that will resonate with all of us.” The teaser and songs from ‘Kotee’ showcased at the event received an incredible response. Till Dhananjay left, the college resounded with fans affectionately chanting ‘Daali Daali.’

Alongside Daali Dhananjaya, Moksha Kushal will star as the lead actress and Ramesh Indira as antagonist. Other veteran actors like Rangayana Raghu, Thara Anuradha, Sardar Sathya appear in prominent roles. The cast also includes Thanuja Venkatesh, Pruthvi Shamanur, Abhishek Shrikanth, Vijay Shobharaj Pavoor, and others.

The film features five songs, with music composed by Vasuki Vaibhav and lyrics written by Yogaraj Bhat and Vasuki Vaibhav. Nobin Paul, known for his work on ‘777 Charlie,’ has scored the background music. The film is edited by Pratheek Shetty, known for his work in ‘Kantara.’ The cinematography is by Arunbhrama, a well-known cinematographer in television.

The film is written and directed by Param, who has been instrumental in shaping Colors Kannada for decades. Produced by Jio Studios, Kotee will hit theatres on June 14th.




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