Actor Rajinikanth is being treated at Apollo Hospital due to ill health from Friday. Meanwhile, the Apollo Hospital doctors who released the morning bulletin have seen a recovery in Rajinikanth’s health.

As per the release from Apollo hospital on Saturday, “Rajnikanth who was admitted in the hospital yesterday is progressing well. He has had an uneventful night and his blood pressure is still on the higher investigations today, reports of which will be available by the evening.”

“His blood pressure medications are being titrated carefully and he will be view of his labile blood pressure and visitors are not being allowed to meet him.”

It added, Based on his investigations and control of blood pressure, a decision on his discharge will be taken by the evening.

Superstar Rajinikanth admitted to hospital in Hyderabad

On Wednesday, The Sun Pictures in a tweet made an Announcement : During routine testing at Annaathe shoot 4 crew members have tested positive for Covid19. Superstar Rajinikanth and other crew members have tested negative. To ensure utmost safety #Annaatthe shooting has been postponed.

Rajnikanth has been admitted in the hospital on Friday. He was shooting for a movie in Hyderabad since the last 10 days. A couple of people on the sets tested positive for Covid-19.

Rajinikanth was tested on 22 December for Covid-19 and he was negative. Since then he isolated himself and was monitored closely.

Though he did not have any symptoms of Covid-19, his Blood Pressure showed severe fluctuations and needed further evaluation for which he has been admitted to the hospital.





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