The trailer for the nationally acclaimed director Mansore‘s new action-movie Act 1978 was released on Monday. More than a lakh people have watched the trailer in a single day. The trailer was released by Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar.

In the trailer, a pregnant woman straps a suicide bomb to her stomach, holding a pistol in her hand and hijacking a government office for justice. Also the trailer shows that the film is about the fight against injustice in social and government offices. Actress Yagna Shetty is playing the role of a pregnant woman. The film was intrigued by a poster in the past.

ACT 1978 trailer gives a glimpse of what looks like a superbly staged hostage movie. There must be a hundred actors easily and each one shows up as a real character. Great expectations from this film releasing this month.

The film stars B Suresh, Pramod Shetty, Dattanna, Achutkumar, Shruti, Kiran Kumar, Sanchari Vijay and Shobhraj.

Act 1978 Act 1978 Act 1978 Act 1978 Act 1978


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