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The trailer of Rishab Shetty’s  Hero movie under his home banner, Rishab Shetty Films was released on Thursday. The film has already attracted the attention of cine mongers from the first look and its teaser.

As the trailer of Hero movie starring Rishab Shetty and also bankrolled by him will set the pulse racing. Rescuing Sita was never such a thrilling experience. More than the amount of blood expected from a Rishab Shetty film. But the trailer gets a thumps up for arousing expectation of something unusual.

The background music by Ajaneesh Lokanath is making noise even before the trailer was released. Every character shown in the trailer looks apt from Pramod Shetty, Jhanvi Laxman, Manjunath Gowda(Ugram Manju) and others. The plot seems to be intriguing and has raised expectation on the movie.

Rishab Shetty completes Hero movie in Lockdown

Filmmaker Rishab Shetty speaking to media on Wednesday had said, “This is a fully shot film during the lockdown. We started shooting at Chikkamagaluru on July 7 with only 24 film crew members. This team has the best technicians and we have completed the work of 100 people.

Debutant Bharat Raj has directed the film. This is a new approach to Rishab Shetty’s film. We touched on subjects such as social care, anthology, and the feel good factor. We could not have made a film with action, comedy, thriller and a few more using villian’s elements. This time we have built all those elements in Hero. Above all, it was a commercial cinema, Rishab said.

During the Corona Lockdown, we took up the film with the confidence that it could make such a commercial film. We shot for 43 days with a perfect film crew. Rishabh Shetty added to the film under the banner of Films.

In terms of story and character, this is a story that takes place in a day. My character is of a Barber and hairstylist. It was a character that made me very happy. There is no heroism to this character. The story does justice to the title. Rishab did not forget to say that it was also a very challenging role for him.

We have already submitted the movie to the censor. It is expected to be censored in a week or ten days. We have decided to release the film in February. It is our decision to release the movie in theaters even though we have only 50 per cent of the seats available.

Hero Hero


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