Sandalwood Stars

Our Sandalwood stars did their bit by clapping in gratitude of all real heroes. The entire nation joined in saluting the doctors, paramedical staff, the first responders, those handling essential services and the media personnel for their selfless service in combating COVID-19.

Most of the celebrities from Kannada Film Industry expressed there appreciation to real heroes out their servicing relentlessly to people of all sectors of our nation.

Here are few tweets by the celebs of kannada film industry. Actor Kiccha Sudeep tweets, Wat a wonderful thought, wat a wonderful intention. We weren’t on an curfew, I felt we were giving mother nature some rest. This should be practiced, regularly. For, we shall exist, only if our mother nature exists.

Actress Rachitha Ram tweets, I believe each and everyone deserves a Thank you. Thanks to all for staying at home n have saved so many lives. Let’s clap for the people around the nation who all have been supported for it.

Actor Nenapirali Prem tweets, Gratitude To Each and Everyone who are helping us in fighting COVID-19.

Actress and MP, Sumalatha Ambareesh tweets, Thanking the medical community, police, military, govt administration, bank staff, airport staff and the wonderful people who are running essential services round the clock.

Sandalwood Stars Sandalwood Stars Sandalwood Stars


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