Actress Sindhu Loknath dedicates photos of her playing football to TV channels which called her ‘sick,’ and ‘depressed’. Blasts news channels for ‘assumptions’ to gain ‘very good TRP’. Her earlier photo with new-look short hair had led to speculative TV interpretation.

In a post shared by the Actress Sindhu Loknath on her social media account. She stated, “It was ridiculous on your part to make such an issue over my chopped hair which is eventually gonna grow soon (in a much better way) n the words I put up in my previous post. If you haven’t understood what I meant, read it another 1O times, May be you will get it.”

Tampering somebody’s image showcasing
them as sick, depressed, digging into
somebody’s personal life, their marital
status,making your own assumptions n stories might give you a very good TRP(television rating point).

But do you hold yourself responsible when something really goes wrong in their life Cos u tried tampering their image too?? Are u gonna be a part of this blame game too?

You would require permission from higher
authority and monetary involvement when you have to cover us for good things/movie
promotion. But unwanted news like this is
Free of cost n free slots. It’s high time
you spread some positivity during this
pandemic time.

Stop pushing people to their edge. And am
done keeping quiet here. If you have the
freedom to showcase ,! have the freedomof
speech too.

Sindhu Loknathsindhu loknathsindhu loknath


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