Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s had asked people to show solidarity to all professionals serving public relentlessly. Actor Kiccha Sudeep did follow and support the cause on Sunday. But his colleague asks him not to spread misinformation.

Amid a 14 hour pan India shutdown following Janata Curfew. It was a gratitude day for millions of citizens after PM Modi asked people to show solidarity with doctors, nurses, paramedics, municipal staff and airport workers by going out on their balconies or standing at their doors and windows at 5 pm on March 22 and clapping, banging on their plates or ringing bells.

Even the Sandalwood industry did give show their solidarity by clapping. While supporting the cause, Actor Kiccha Sudeep tweets, Hear this Kindly participate, do we lose anythn??, no . Do we gain?? Maybe, but atleast let’s try. After all, it’s for our own lives.

Kiccha Sudeep

However, when so many people from the industry openly lended their support to PM Modi’s message of clapping. There was few opposition’s too, one such from Actor and Social Activist, Chetan Kumar in a tweet.

Chetan states, “Sudeep Sir– I respect your work in our industry. As son of 2 doctors, i agree our medical personnel must be appreciated. But not by spreading such unscientific ‘energy medicine’ theories, which lead us down a path of superstition & misinformation. Let’s fight #corona w/ science.”

Actor Chetan Kumar Actor Chetan


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