Premam Poojyam Movie Review: Flatters to deceive


S Shyam Prasad

The teaser of Premam Poojyam was great and the trailer promised something unique. The film however is disappointing. It laboriously plods through one stunning locale after another, offering a great visual treat but a hollow experience.

The slow-paced biography of a doctor tries too hard to impress but without much substance, fails to keep you engaged. Despite being a love story between a Mandya Gowda and a Malnad Catholic, there is hardly any meat in the story.

Our life experiences may feel unique to ourselves. But not every life experience needs to become a film scene. The situations and incidents that make up this pretty ordinary story are a pale plaster on the eye-candy views the camera has managed to capture.

The first half of the film pushes along a familiar path. The story opens through a R Chandru style diary after a few cringy scenes praising the protagonist doctor. It lands right in a medical college where our poor protagonist finds his princess. He is too good and she is too pretty and you are made to understand they are in love.

And then the even slower second half goes everywhere except towards the climax. Add 12 songs which pop up everywhere to further slow down the proceedings and you are left gasping. The songs aren’t bad in themselves but fail to give life to the dull narrative.

The brilliant cinematography, amazing locations, beautiful costumes, good-looking actors, the rich cast, the obvious efforts and right intentions still fail to make this a good watch.

A love story should touch the heart. This one just touches the eyes.

Premam Poojyam

Film: Premam Poojyam
Director: Dr.Raghavendra 
Duration: 173.33 minutes 
Certificate: U/A 
Cast: Prem Kumar, Brinda Acharya, Sadhu Kokila, Master Anand, Aindrita Ray, Avinash 
Stars: 2.5/5


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