There is a kirik still going on even after Kirik Party movie success. Non Bailable Warrant issued by Magistrate court against Paramvah Studios Rakshit Shetty and Ajaneesh Lokhnath in Kirik Party song plagiarism case.

Everyone knows that there was a case going on against Kirik Party movie song, but though everything eas resolved. However, after 3 years of the movie now there comes the court order regarding same case.

The actor Rakshith Shetty owned Parmvaah Studios, himself and Music Director had failed to appear before court even after summons were served on them. This led to the Non Bailable Warrant. Lahari Audio had filed the case alleging that the song ‘Hey Who Are You’ was plagiarised from a song in the 1991 film Shanti Kranti.

Kirik Party

Earlier before the Kirik Party movies release what happenned – a detailed recall 

High Court order as conveyed by Kirik Party’s advocate. Kirik Party can have the “Hey Who Are You” song by depositing Rs 10 Lakh. Of course the money will be released if and when they win the case.

Kirik Party Kirik Party


What producer Pushkar had to speak about the case before its release

One of the producers of Kirik Party, Pushkar Mallikarjuniah had posted his views on his social media handle. Here is the message that he had shared on his Facebook page.

Lahari Has brought Court stay order for the Release of Kirik Party Movie, their argument is, Our song “Hey Who are U” is violating copyrights of original song from shanti kranti Movie – What it is all about

1) Just to understand the basics of Copyrights act of Music, as per the Law, it says : The Notes used while composing Music should not match with original track – Which in our case, it’s Zero % Matching & We are confident of proving it legally. So No where we are at fault to face this situation just a day before release

2) We officially Released this song on 02/Dec/2016, Lahari communicated with us saying, they have problem with the copyrights & We responded immediately saying, NO we are confident about the content we have composed. So if they really wanted to challenge Copyrights, they would have filed a case against to it immediately, but they didn’t do that, They intentionally waited for this day to take advantage of the situation & totaly disturb our release & make some money

3) Yesterday at 8pm we got a call from their legal team saying they have to deliver a Notice, we went & collected. & later went to our lawyer for further advice, there our lawyer mentioned, they haven’t given us a Court copy which is very crucial to understand what court has ordered. They intentionally not given us the court copy such that we should not have any options left to sort the issue immediately & make our way for film release

4) So tomorrow by around 11 am we might able to get the court order to study the legal terms , Most interesting thing is, tomorrow is the release day (we have scheduled Premier shows ). So it’s clearly indicates that everything is planned so well to disturb the release & make good money

5) if their intention was to fight for the copyrights, they would have filed the case immediately after we confirmed that, we are not ready to compromise un officially.

6) this is not the first time #Lahari is doing this to Kannada Movie just before the release day, they did it for – Ranavikrama Myna & many more. They have practised the tactics of making good money by this way.

7) They offered us to negotiate from third party & settle amicably with around 20 lakh. But we are not even ready to give 20 Rupees, since we are very sure about not breaching copy rights

8) So finally, after the full stressful night sorting out Deleting the song from UFO/Qube/Scrable, We managed to make sure that we are releasing the Movie as scheduled. It’s such a painful process

9) the cost occurring for deleting this song is around 2 lakh & the production cost for producing that song was around 25 lakh which involves so many artists & technicians hard work

10) We are fighting this case strongly in court & We are getting support from Entire Kannada film industry & also we hope that Media will back us.

It’s time to teach lesson to those who deliberately do such things by finding a wrong way to make money. Shame On Them

Once the court gives the justice to this case, We will be adding that song & We hope this will happen immediately.

We need all ur support to go through this trauma.


Kirik Party

Kirik Party

However, the kannada cinema Industry on one side getting pan India recognisition through its movies. But on other side, the Industry is still not going in a right way when it comes to our own kannada movies growth. One movies success gives many opportunity and energy to work hard.


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