Manoranjan Ravichandran

MaActor V Ravichandran‘s son Manoranjan Ravichandran got married to Sangeeta Deepak on 20 August. There were several actors Dr Shivarajkumar, Akul Balaji, Hamsalekha, Raghavendra Rajkumar and family participated in the reception program held on Saturday.

While the star heroes son and actor Manoranjan got married to the girl which his parents decided. Speaking to media, Ravichandran said that similar to my daughter Anjali’s wedding, I will not do a grand wedding for my son. We will do it simple, as the brides parents do not like grandeur.

Manoranjan who talked about marriage to a media said it is an arrange marriage. Sangeeta, the girl I am going to marry, is a distant relative of ours. I am 34 years old now. In our family boys and girls get married within 27. I am the only one getting married so late. We got to know each other and especially since I am an actor, she should be given time to get to know about me. This decision was not taken once for all, he said.


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