Ondu Sarala Premakathe

What is a love story without impediments, misunderstandings and so-near-yet-so-far situations? In his own simple manner, director Suni weaves a tapestry of emotions in a tale of Shakespearean proportions. Ondu Sarala Premakathe emerges as one of the best films in the careers of both the director and the lead actor Vinay Rajkumar.

The story revolves around a young musician Athishay (played by Vinay Rajkumar) who aspires to make a name as a composer. His ideal girl is one who compliments his musical aspirations. When he marries Anu, it seems both of them have made the wrong choice. She is not the dream girl he wanted and he is not the man she aspired for a life partner. In their minds, the ideal partner is someone else. Things fall apart as aspirations triumph over realities.

The real twist in the story happens after this reluctant romance comes to an end. Suni manages to create a story that reminds one of Shakespeare’s dramas. There is not just one twist but a plethora of them. True to the hero’s name (Athishay), there is an excess of the surprises. This is where the film falters a bit. The time taken to reveal the changes could have been better paced. If the film was shorter by a few scenes, it might have done a world of good.

Nonetheless, Ondu Sarala Premakathe makes for an exciting watch and fulfills the expectations of a paying audience. Suni has managed to draw decent performances from the lead actors and the supporting cast adds value to the proceedings with their nuanced acts. Though Malika Singh (as Madhura) has a comparatively smaller role, she delivers a memorable performance.

The light-hearted dialogues and the absence of melodrama and overbearing scenes makes this Ondu Sarala Premakathe standout among the run-of-the-mill films that have flooded the screens recently. Suni’s writing deserves a special mention apart from his direction which peaks in the second half of the film. The music that compliments the narration, the soothing visuals and the subtle comedy all combine to give an edge to the film that makes a visit to the theatres worthwhile.

Ondu Sarala Premakathe

Film: Ondu Sarala Premakathe
Director: Simple Suni
Cast: Vinay Rajkumar, Mallika Singh, Swathishta Krishnan, Rajesh Nataranga, Aruna Balraj, Sadhu Kokila
Duration: 148 minutes
Certificate: U/A
Stars: 3.5


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