Producer Surappa Babu has clarified on the teaser of Kiccha Sudeep‘s teaser of the Kotigobba 3 movie has been deleted from Youtube.

Speaking at a press conference, Surappa was asked why the teaser of the Kotigobba-3 movie was deleted from Youtube. This was more news than the Corona virus.

Babu said, After the shooting in Poland, there were brothers Sanjay Paul and Ajay Paul. I had no idea who they were. Someone introduced me to two brothers and arranged for a shooting. But there was nothing as said by them for shooting, he played with us and we had to shoot by ourself. We have also paid him money through our account for whatever he had done and I have a record of this.

I came to know yesterday that whoever complains on YouTube, they immediately deletes it. Anand Audio Shyam has taken legal action against for initiating removal of teaser. The teaser was uploaded today evening, as it was weekend they were not working. Shyam had told him that Youtube is a machine and humans don’t work there. If humans were to work, this problem could have gone right there. But that is not the case.

kotigobba 3

I am not in a situation where Paul repeatedly denounces his brothers’ injustice and says I will go to court. I have previously shown with the record that two of my crew members were taken into custody. Later, my staff were summoned by Union Minister Sadananda Gowda. Through Paul’s brothers, we have all raised money for our location. But now I have not received any help from my relatives, who said that they have sent a letter asking if our location is used.

On the day of the shooting, it was Rs. 95 lakh. The person who said that he would only send our team out if I gave it, at the last moment they saw all our account balance it was Rs 45 lakh. My accountant panicked and called me and said he would not leave me. Then I complained to Jaggesh and called an accountant. According to my account I paid them Rs 45 lakh. I will deposit that money in court and fight according to law. Surappa clarified that I would give him that money.


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