Director Shashank and Actor Ajay have given two hit movies but the third movie seems to be a average entertainer. Guess the movie was made in terms of attracting the mass audience from the director and producer Shashank. He has given less importance to the logic behind the script.

It is a story of a angry son Mohan Das (Ajai Rao) and rebel mother Parvathi  (Sumalatha) who live their life to fight for the public’s right. The son is trained by his mom to stick on to fight till the justice is done. He seems to be an angry young man, running a karate class and fighting on streets when ever he sees injustice.

The first half shows Parvati and his son’s courageous attitude to fight against a powerful politician. Also a small love story where the angry Mohan’s lady love want him to join anger management class for their better future. While in the second half a small flash back is revealed to know the reason behind their fight towards injustice. A message in the climax for all your questions on why so much anger is shown in the movie.

The director should have made few cuts of action scenes on the editing table. Only thing that audience were seen enjoying was Sadhu Kokila’ s and Achyuth characters. From this movie Ajai Rao proves he is not just a lover boy but also an action hero. Sumalatha Ambareesh has portrayed a new role staying rebel all over the movie. Ashika Rangnath has done a decent job. The hero and antagonist( Saurav Lokesh) are angry most of the time but Lokesh is not given equal share of screen space. The BGM scored by Judah Sandy is brilliant and action sequences are directed really well.

However the director has tried to sell his product with different marketing tool, not going by his old technique. The screenplay at times keeps audience engaging. At the same time makes one lose their patience seeing the angry hero most of it. If you have watched the director and actor’s earlier movies, then this is totally a different one.


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