DBoss carnival is going like festival fireworks


It is a carnival in Sandalwood industry this February  16, while celebrations  begun with DBoss carnival. Challenging Star Darshan Thoogudeepa birthday to be celebrated by his fans across  the globe with festive  mode.

As Darshan’s upcoming movie Roberrt director Tharun Sudhir posted the common DP (Display Picture) with DBoss fans. The DP is now  gone viral and trending with all actors and fans cheering by posting the common DP.

Tharun tweeted, ” DBoss carnival is just 2 weeks away. To welcome another successful year for our #ChallengingStar, Here is the common #BossBirthdayCDP for #Feb16 ?. Thank u #DBoss fans for making me do this honour.”

Actor Sharan Hruday  also says, “Waiting for #DBoss carnival. Best wishes to the entire team of#Roberrt. Best wishes #BossBirthdayCDP”



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