Diganth and Aindrita

The Sandalwood celebrity couple Aindrita and Diganth , both of whom were informed to attend the CCB office were present at around 11.15 Am on Wednesday.

The main accused in the drug deal, Sheikh Fazil and Aindrita’s photos have already gone viral on the social networking sites. When the details began spreading in the media, Aindrita herself clarified on the same over the phone.

CCB sent a notice to actors Diganth and Aindrita through WhatsApp on Tuesday evening. The enquiry was set for Wednesday morning at 11am. The couple was on a vacation in Kerala, at the time of notice been served to them.

Both Diganth-Aindrita Ray, who arrived in Bangalore late Tuesday night, had first called the CCB officials on Wednesday morning and told them of coming to the office. The couple, who attended the CCB office directly from a unknown location at 11.15 am, brought along with them a lawyer.

The CCB’s Inspector Puneet and Anjumala Nayak are investigating the celebrity couple involvement in the drug case.

Diganth Manchale

Diganth and Aindrita Diganth and Aindrita


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