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Sunday, May 19, 2019
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KGF Trailer Review : Bigger than a Hollywood movie

Let start with a apt word, this periodic drama KGF trailer is a magnum opus by Prashanth Neel. Each and every frame is bigger...

Ananthu Vs Nusrath Trailer Review : Promising and Fresh

Ananthu Vs Nusrath as the title is explained in the trailer as a gist. To start with the cinematography, it is really fresh and...

Randhawa Trailer Review : Confusing and nothing new

The trailer starts of with some elements that looks similar to the movie Rangitaranga and Karvva. But however it shows that plot has a...

Bhairava Geetha Trailer : Intense love and action captured

It is expected that RGV's films are filled with intense love, lust, anger and violence in most of his movies. But this trailer raises...

Jeerjimbe : Struggle of a girl coming of age

The trailer talks about the girl and her love for the bicycle which is shown by the cinematographer in a artistic way. But it...

Bazaar Dialogue Trailer : Suni gives mass dialogues this time

This dialogue trailer of Bazaar starring debutant Dhanveerah, directed by Simple Suni looks like a mass commercial entertainer. This time Suni has not only...

Ammachi Yemba Nenapu Trailer is colourful

The trailer and the songs illustrated the Soulful dreams of Ammachi. It was a heartfelt invitation to all the movie lovers to watch this...

Tarakasura Trailer doesnt reveal the story

It looks like a new subject with a huge character artists are present in the movie. The fight between good and evil is...

Jagath Khiladi trailer lacks in the style of making

This Niranjan starrer titled Jagath Khiladi which itself says he is a brilliant con man, the plot of the movie looks intetesting. But the...