Ananthu Vs Nusrath as the title is explained in the trailer as a gist. To start with the cinematography, it is really fresh and captured accordingly to the plot. Each and every characters shown have not let down the seriousness and the humour in the trailer.

For Vinay Rajkumar, this would be a really big movie to establish himself. The movie will be a big break to him for sure, as the performance is seen.The role of judge Nusrath Fathima Baig is played by Latha Hegde in the film, she looks promising.

The trailer also hints for an interesting love story between lawyer Ananthu and judge Nusrath, which the director has layered with interesting line-up of characters and circumstances.It will be a treat to watch the movie in theatres, as the trailer has suspense, drama, comedy and love in the story.


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