Check out the trailer of Thrayambakam movie, a interesting thriller with mythological and historical significance.

It is for sure the suspense and mystery revolves behind a shiva linga in the movie. Finally Raghanna is back with a strong character after a break. Raghavendra Rajkumar looks promising and showcases his acting skills after a long time.

Also Rockstar Rohitt in another suspense thriller genre looks dashing with his screen presense. Rohitt has been choosing his screen roles that are realistic and different. While Anupama had been the directors favourite actor coming up everytime with a new character that engages audience.

Over all the trailer has many interesting and engaging facts for audience to watch in theatre. One should appreciate Director Dayal Padmanabhan for having such a good star cast with innovative and creative concept based movies.

Every frame looks brilliant and raises question what is Thrayambakam movie all about. Nava Pashana linga is the key factor and gist of the story is well conveyed in the trailer.



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