Bharath Anjanappa

Siren is a commendable crime thriller by newcomers that keeps the audience engaged from start to finish. The film marks the debut of newcomer Praveer Shetty in the role of Inspector Samarth, a talented and determined detective who is tasked with unraveling the mysterious murder of a young girl named Shwetha.

The movie opens with a chilling sequence, setting the tone for the dark and suspenseful narrative that follows. As the camera pans across the crime scene, the audience is immediately drawn into the gripping atmosphere of the film. The director’s impeccable visual storytelling captures the eerie ambiance, creating an immersive experience for the viewers.

Praveer Shetty delivers a remarkable performance as Inspector Samarth. Despite being a newcomer, he effortlessly commands the screen with his intense presence and impressive acting skills. Shetty portrays Samarth as a deeply empathetic yet relentless detective, fully invested in finding justice for the slain girl. His nuanced portrayal captures the internal struggles and conflicts faced by the character, making him relatable and engaging.

The heroine, Lasya, is a newcomer too. But her role is limited to being a glamor doll for the hero. However, the director brings in seasoned actors in the supporting cast that gives the film a very good edge. Actors like Achyutha Kumar, Sharath Lohitashva, Avinash, Pavithra Lokesh and Sparsha Rekha can stand their own in any role. Here, they give the film the semblance of a star cast even though the director and lead actors are newcomers.

The supporting cast delivers solid performances, enhancing the overall quality of the film. Each character adds depth and intrigue to the story, providing ample opportunities for the actors to shine. The chemistry between Shetty and his co-stars is palpable, adding a layer of authenticity to the relationships portrayed on screen.

The plot of Siren is a labyrinth of twists and turns, keeping the audience guessing throughout the film. Every clue and revelation adds a layer of complexity to the narrative, and as Samarth delves deeper into the investigation, the tension escalates. The script is intelligently crafted, successfully building suspense and maintaining a tight grip on the audience’s attention.

The cinematography of Siren has attention to detail and clever framing, but since the film is not hugely mounted, it does not really have the required grandeur to capture. The use of lighting and shadows effectively creates an atmosphere of unease, heightening the sense of mystery and suspense. The background score complements the film perfectly. The songs are however not really required in a suspense film like this. They are here only to boost the image of the hero.

Siren has its drawbacks and could have been a stunning film. But the newcomers need to be given enough of a rope considering that they have pulled off quite a good narrative that is engaging and entertaining too.


Film: Siren
Director: Raja Venkaiah
Cast: Praveer Shetty, Lasya, Achyutha Kumar, Sharath Lohitashva, Avinash, Pavithra Lokesh, Sparsha Rekha
Duration: 130 minutes
Language: Kannada
Platform: Theatres
Stars: 3


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