Simha Guhe Soundtrack Unveiled


Directed by S.G.R, known for his work on “Samarth” and “Taaja”, Simha Guhe marks his third directorial venture. Lead roles portrayed by Ravi Shirur and Nivishka Patil, the movie recently celebrated the release of its soundtrack.

Esteemed actor Aniruddh, with a vast repertoire in the film industry, contributed his vocals to the movie’s songs. A C Mahendar handled the cinematography, while Satish Aryan composed the music.

Director S.G.R, in his remarks, characterized the film as an intriguing thriller interwoven with elements of crime and mystery. He disclosed that the narrative predominantly unfolds in Jagarahalli village, with the title “Simha Guhe” drawn from a pivotal location in the story, coincidentally favored by superstar Vishnu. Filming extensively took place in locales spanning Hassan, Sakaleshpur, and Moodigere.

Furthermore, S.G.R revealed Ravi Shirur’s keen interest in the project, acknowledging the actor’s sense of duty in delivering a compelling performance. Aniruddh shared insights into his role, emphasizing his portrayal of a dancer entwined with minor characters across various films. Anuradha, another cast member, shed light on her role as a dancer and her involvement as a secondary lead in select scenes.

Reflecting on the musical journey, composer Satish Aryan recollected the genesis of the film’s music, initially tasked with composing three songs which later expanded to four.

Concluding the event, lyricist Shivananjegowda recounted his experience crafting a song depicting a protagonist’s transformative journey. He commended the team’s collective effort and lauded the quality of the soundtrack.

Simha Guhe


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