Shruti Haasan

Known for her authenticity, actor-singer Shruti Haasan has always encouraged women to embrace boldness, break stereotypes, and make unconventional choices.

In her world, rules don’t define possibilities; it’s a realm where empowerment flourishes. Furthering this commitment to support and uplift women, the “Monster Machine” singer has joined coto, a social community platform exclusively for women with her community  ‘Urban Chudails’.

Shruti strongly believes in staying true to oneself—an affirmation of her core values.
“Embracing the title of an ‘Urban Chudail’ should be viewed as a positive attribute, celebrating unabashed authenticity, particularly among women. In the vibrant metropolitan setting, women encapsulate diverse personas, each distinct, contributing to their unique ‘Chudail’ identity. Some openly express their sexual orientation, while others enthusiastically embrace solo travel or find freedom in independent living. Fostering this diversity, especially on a platform like coto is essential as it will allow women to appreciate and celebrate the individual qualities that make each of them a unique and remarkable ‘Chudail’ in their own right.”

Reflecting on her childhood and experiences in the entertainment industry, Shruti Haasan added, “Growing up and working in showbiz taught me a lot. Thanks to my upbringing, I’ve always been outspoken, which has played a big role in my success. I want every woman to embrace fearlessness. To me, being an ‘Urban Chudail’ is a positive concept—it symbolises strength, not just a label. In the digital age, it’s a celebration of being unique and fearless. While times have changed, there’s still some unfair stigma around unconventional choices that needs to be addressed”.

Having been a strong advocate for healing crystals, manifestation, and higher powers, Shruti views them as creative extensions of herself. Taking this belief a step further,  her community on coto is an open invitation for women of different personas to join—a diverse mix of ‘Chudails.’ It welcomes and celebrates the unique qualities each woman brings to the community. Thus, creating a space where women from diverse backgrounds having various perspectives are embraced and can also freely discuss various topics including self-expression, sexual and mental wellness, career, life, music, and art.

Shruti Haasan


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