Based on a true life incident involving a lesbian couple from Hassan, the film will hit the screens in January this year.

The movie Best Friends, set to release in February, depicts a real-life lesbian relationship between two college-going students in Hassan, Karnataka.

The film was not just cleared by the CBFC but has also obtained a U/A certificate.

This, Teshee believes, is because he’s chosen not to depict same sex relationships in a “vulgar” way as many mainstream films have in the past. Making Best Friends was anything but easy. Teshee had to stand and watch, as a merry-go-round of lead women actors came and went without explanation.

He first held an audition for 100 women for the role and narrowed his choices down to ten, but the women never returned.

That’s when he found Meghana from Bengaluru and Dravya from Chikkamagaluru – the actors who finally made it to the final cut of Best Friends. This time, the women withstood pressure from both their family and their social circles and completed the project.

The film plots the real-life story of a couple from Hassan and their trials and tribulations in finding social acceptance.

Shruti and Rashmi fell in love while living together in a college hostel. However, when their parents came to know of their relationship, they separated them. The story took a dark turn in real life when Rashmi attacked Shruti with a machete, injuring her. She was sentenced to two years of imprisonment by a Hassan court in 2017. Have to watch in theatres this week for its reel story.


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