Sandalwood star couple Diganth and Aindrita get CCB notice in drug case


The CCB Police have issued a notice to the Sandalwood celebrity couple Diganth and Aindrita Ray on Tuesday. This comes up after, actress Ragini Dwivedi amd Sanjana Galrani gets arrested by cops.

The CCB police have issued a notice to actors Diganth and Aindrita Ray and informed them to attend the office at 11 am on Wednesday.

The actress Aindrita is said to have gone to the Srilankan casino and seen with Sheikh Fazil, the main accused in the case.

As Aindrita Ray participated in the Bally’s Casino Party hosted by Fazil in Srilanka and thanked him for the party. Also making rounds of a video shared by Aindrita on her social media account regards the event. Along with Fazil, she had posted many photos.

Sandalwood actresses Ragini and Sanjana have already been arrested in the drug case and Ragini has been sentenced to 14 days in judicial custody. Sanjana Galrani was taken into custody by CCB police for three days.

The CCB’s notification to actor Diganth and actress Aindrita Ray has only added to the hype that more people in the film industry are in this network.

Meanwhile, the main accused Fazil was accompanied by Bollywood actor Sohail Khan in a photo taken by Aindrita Ray. It is also said that Aindrita was introduced to Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s brothers Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan by Fazil.

Aindrita Ray


Actress Aindrita speaking to a media stated, ‘There is no direct contact with them. I went to the birthday party of Arbaaz Khan in Bangalore. Fasil was also there. But I am not in contact and never met them again.

“There are cinema related parties held in Srilankan casinos. We are invited. It is natural to take a photo when you go there. Not everyone’s background can be questioned. It is okay to interrogate us,” Aindrita said.

In a tweet, Actor Diganth stated, We will be appearing to a telephonic notice sent by the CCB tomorrow at 11 am. We will fully cooperate with the ongoing investigation.

Actress Aindrita tweeted, We have received a telephonic notice from the Central Crime Branch for an ongoing enquiry at 11am tomorrow. We will be present and fully cooperate with the CCB.

Aindrita Ray Aindrita Ray Aindrita Ray


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