Popcorn Monkey Tiger

Bharath Anjanappa

After giving a super hit movie like Tagaru, Director Suri announced his next project Popcorn Monkey Tiger movie. The character of Dhananjaya as Daali had become so popular that the actor was started pouring with offers. However, when both the creater and actor join hands to work for a movie together it is a treat to fans.

This movie, is sure a treat to Dhananjaya fans for his character as Tiger and Monkey Seena, he has given his best. Popcorn Monkey Tiger is about a life of mechanic (Dhananjaya) Seena alias Tiger Seena alias Monkey Seena, reason for the name Tiger is known only to the writer. But Monkey Seena name is justified, as Seena had won a competition for eating a bunch of bananas. Seena has a love story that ends up similar to director’s previous movie ‘Inthi Ninna Preethiya.’

But Seena, is a strong guy who recovers from his alchoholic behaviour and feels he should live live rather spoiling it. So that he can show his ex-girlfriend that he is leading a happy and lavish life. Parallely another story of (Niveditha) Popcorn Devi, a popcorn seller in theatre. Devi falls in love with a JCB driver, one fine day both of them will be behind bars for helping someone in burrying the employer.

Meanwhile, she delivers a baby inside the prison and raise her kid. She will be out after serving her sentence, but her fate had something else. She loses her bag which had money and also her baby when she is asleep in a bus stand. Rest of the story of these two characters Devi and Seena are upto the unprecedented situations and circumstances in their life.


Director Suri has once again played with the screenplay similar to that of his previous Tagaru movie. But here he has taken out few of his earlier movies hero characters and stiched it to make one as Seena. If someone is looking for a story in Popcorn Monkey Tiger, then you have to wait and watch for his next movie in 2020.

The screenplay is really good, cinematograpghy is brilliant, dialogues are realistic and raw, all the actors have performed brilliantly. But the movie runs at slow pace, when there are good moments that makes one feel a story starts. But when you are eagerly waiting in first half the story is not revealed, sadly in second half also it is the same.

One has to applaud for the technically upgraded director in Suri and his style is shown in the entire Popcorn Monkey Tiger movie. The background score is top notch, Charan Raj will make you feel each frame travel with his music. However, this movie is strictly for adults and kids please stay away from watching. At timed it makes you feel these characters are psychopaths. Suri ensures all has characters are smoking, drinking, abusing and killing almost 80 percent of the movie.

Finally, this movie will be liked by people who love violence and RGV movies. If you liked Daali character then this a treat to all Dhananjaya fans, he has lived the character. Also Niveditha in her comeback shows her proven acting skills.

Popcorn Monkey Tiger


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