Mega Family

The mega family of the industry comes together to celebrate Sankranti and the images are too good to miss. Ram Charan and Upasana, the power couple of the Mega family, celebrated this Sankranti with grandeur in Bangalore, creating unforgettable moments with their extended family and close friends.

The festivities were captured in a heartwarming family photo shared by Upasana on her Instagram account. The picture showcased the Mega family, including the newest member, the adorable little princess Klin Kaara, and their loyal canine companion Rhyme. The joyous occasion was also graced by the presence of the newlyweds Varun Tej and Lavanya.

Upasana offered a virtual glimpse into the festivities with a series of posts on her social media, treating fans to a visual feast of the celebration. From the arrival of the newest family member to the big feast, fans were delighted to be part of the Mega family’s joyous moments through Upasana’s Instagram updates.

Expressing her gratitude, Upasana captioned one of the posts, “Happy Happy Sankranti. My heart and belly are full. Thank you Athamma and Mamaya for bringing us all together. @chiranjeevikonidela @konidelasurekha.”

The Mega family celebration received overwhelming love and positive comments from fans on Instagram. Comments such as “The perfect Mega picture” and “Beautiful family” flooded the posts.

The Sankranti celebration in Bangalore became a memorable event, showcasing the Mega family’s strong bond and the joy they share in each other’s company. The power couple, Ram Charan and Upasana, continue to inspire their fans with their love and commitment, creating moments that are cherished not only by their family but also by their vast fan base.

Mega Family


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