This time across the state, the rainfall is recorded more than the usual numbers. Most of the Koppal district Yelburga taluk’s lakes are filled. But the 96 acres huge Tallur lake, which was developed by the actor Rocking star Yash has now gone dry, due to a railway contractor’s mishap.

The railway department has diverted the lane, where the water flows into the lake. Even though there is a heavy downpour across the district the lake seems to be not filled with water. As the railway work of Gadag-Wadi is in progress, Farmers allege that the railway contractor carrying the work has diverted the water flow and the water is not getting into the lake.

A large quantity of water is flown from Vajrabandi and linganbandi water is diverted, so there is no water flow to the lake.

Lake developed by Yash:

Actor Yash had developed the lake by his Yashomarga Foundation at a cost of Rs 4 crore. The lake covers 96 acres. There is no support of water for almost 40 villages, due to the diversion. From the actor Yash’s efforts water was brought to the Tallur lake.

There is no water now, due to the unscientific process of work taken up from the railway contractors. After the last development, the lake was filled with full water benefitting the farmers. But this year the water streamline has been diverted.

As reported in a media stated,  The railway contractors mishap by diverting the lake water line has led to the outrage of the farmers in this district. “A complain has been given to Tahsildar’s to take of action against the contractors. But no action has been taken,” one of the farmers said.

Yash Yash Yash

(Source: Udayawani)


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