Shruthi Naidu

Dilip K Gowda a resident of Mandya has landed a big offer after videos he choreographed with his family members during the lockdown was noticed by producer Shruti Naidu.

Dilip does small time choreographies for local functions. He did videos with his family in Mandya during lockdown dancing to popular Kannada songs. It became quite popular online.

Shruti Naidu who happened to watch the videos by chance was impressed and gave him the opportunity to choreograph a special song for the Ganesha Chaturti episodes of Brahmagantu and Yaare Nee Mohini serials.

She said, “I happened to see it on Instagram and decided to give him work as he looked very promising as a dancer and choreographer. So, when I had to do Gowri Ganesha special episode in Brahmagantu and Yaare Nee Mohini serial. I traced his number and invited him to choreograph a family song for the festival episode. I am looking forward to this episode telecast on August 22nd on Zee Kannada. I hope he gets lots of opportunities in our industry because he deserves it.”



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