Actress Amulya

Actress Amulya and her husband Jagadeesh Chandra, who has been identified with social work, had previously given a ton of rice to the helpless during the COVID19 crisis.

The Corona Warriors are a step ahead in providing safety now. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called out to help the poor, and for the safety of the doctors and the police.

Actress Amulya and Jagadeesh, who is on a call to help people, has embarked on a great job, preparing a total of 10 thousand masks for doctors, police and cleaning workers.

What’s even more special is that these are not brought from any factory or shop. More than 25 poor women workers are sewing it. This helps women to work, pay and help. Thus engaged in various social work.

Actress Amulya

Actress’s husband Jagadish posted a video on social media, inspired by the words of our proud Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The only way to help the Corona Warriors, medical, police, cleaning workers, volunteers who are working day and night in the fight against coronavirus is their safety. In this case, maintaining a social gap, wearing a mask is their safety.

Even our government is creating awareness of wearing a mask. Thus they are serving for the safety of the Corona Warriors. They have employed over 25 women in Rajarajeshwari city limits. They all work from their home.

They can also manage the family for a couple of months with the proceeds. They are giving away cloth masks to Corona Warriors and those in need.

Even Bangalore City Police had tweeted,
“Jagdish R Chandra from RR Nagar has created a New start up – Biodegradable cloth masks which are tailored by the rural women during lockdown for CoVid19 Warriors. Hero of Hope, Hero of Compassion. Let’s fight Corona with Compassion and Courage.”

Actress Amulya


Actress AmulyaActress Amulya


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