In the right-handed dominated world, International Lefthanders Day is celebrated every August 13. It’s a known fact that a Kannada film is in the works, focusing on the theme of left-handers, with the title ‘Edagaiye Apaghatakke Karana’.

The movie’s concept, featuring ‘Doodhpeda’ Diganth as the lead, has garnered favor from Vega helmet company. As a result, ‘Vega’ has thrown its weight behind the film in support. Are you wondering how? On the occasion of International Lefthanders Day on this August 13, the Vega Helmet Company is set to unveil a brand-new helmet tailored for left-handed users. This shows the movie’s powerful social impact!

The horizons for Kannada films have dramatically widened. Diverse storylines from Kannada cinema are now making waves on the global stage. Consequently, the concept of the movie ‘Edagaiye Apaghatakke Karana’ has resonated with the Vega Helmet company. This isn’t just a source of joy for the film crew, but the entire industry as well. Vega Helmet company has joined hands with the movie team ‘ ‘Edagaiye Apaghatakke Karana’ to introduce a new helmet for left-handed users.

Samarth B Kadkol’s action cut for ‘Edagaiye Apaghatakke Karana’ marks his inaugural directorial venture. The film’s storyline combines murder mystery, dark comedy, and suspense thriller elements. As the name suggests, the film revolves around the problems of left-handers. Diganth is paired opposite Dhanu Harsha in the movie, while Radhika Narayan and Nidhi Subbaiah also play the lead roles in the film.

The film is jointly produced by Gurudatha Ganiga and director Samarth B Kadakol under Hyphen Pictures banner. Bhajarangi Loki, Krishna Hebbale are part of the star cast, Abhimanyu Sadanandan wields the camera, Rahul V Parvatikar and Shripad Joshi handle the dialogues.

Lefthanders Lefthanders


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