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The inaugural function of Nanban Entertainment, and the Nanban Arts Cultural Study and Treasury Center was held with great fanfare at the Chennai Trade Center on August 3.

A magnificent award ceremony was held on the occasion by the Nanban Group. The event began with the Tamil prayer song, ‘Tamizh Thai Vazhthu’ being rendered by the students of the Mahathi Academy.

Soon after, a musical feast in the form of a joint performance by renowned percussionist Sivamani, Veena exponent Rajhesh Vaidhya and the winner of title of The World’s Best, Lydian Nadhaswaram on the piano followed much to the delight of those present.

The audiences were further entertained by comedians Bala- Kuraishi before Nanban Group co-founder Manivannan delivered his welcoming speech.

The immensely successful entrepreneur, welcoming the august gathering, said, “All of you may have several questions in your mind. Why has the Nanban group come to India?  Why are they presenting awards to artists? Why are they looking to start a film production company when there are already so many film production companies here? What new things are they looking to achieve? There are several people in the Nanban group to answer all these questions .

“I want to share an important fact about the Nanban Group.  Nanban (which means Friend in English) – Extends unconditionally and with love, a helping hand to anybody who needs help.

“The Nanban Group is planning to extend extensive support to the areas of art, culture and heritage. It is for this purpose that we have started these new ventures called Nanban Entertainment and Nanban Art and Culture Treasury Centre. We require everyone’s support and co-operation in this regard.”

Well known actor Aari Arujunan, who was presented as the Brand ambassador of the Nanban Group in India, spoke next.

He said, “It is because of friends that I have risen to this level in life and find myself on this stage. Friends have fed me and helped me out in many ways, including providing me money. I don’t know how I am going to repay their kindness. Many friends have been responsible for the creation of this platform. My first thanks goes to them.

“I wondered what I was going to do after winning Bigg Boss. I was also concerned about how I was going to accept my responsibilities and divide it. It was at this time that Naren Ramasamy, a member of Nanban Group, and a friend of mine  introduced me to the group. All the members of the Nanban group work tirelessly on all days of the year.

“When I asked them about the Nanban Group, all of them described it as an entity that was full of humanity, service, and that it was an organisation that looked to help people unconditionally.

Nanban Entertainment

Gopala Krishnan, the founder of Nanban Group, is my biggest inspiration. He often says. “We have to constantly keep doing our work. We must only think about what we need to do for others.We mustn’t think about what others will think.

“Similarly, we must keep focussing on what we can do for the people. God has given us money. He has given power. We should think about what we can do for people with it.’ This is the Nanban group’s first Taraka Mantra.

Another question that arose in me was how long would the Nanban group last?  However, they only think of how many people they can provide employment to. They think about things that benefit people. So friends are important. Let’s be friends.

“GK has placed forth before you only one thing in this event and that is Friendship or Nanbanism. They have come to India to seek true friends.

“After three years, they are now starting a new venture. The prime reason for this is GK’s straightforward way of thinking. Every time I meet him, I am amazed by his unchanging nature and speech. He is colorless like water. Colorless water keeps quenching the thirst of individuals no matter which vessel it is kept in. I am proud to join the Nanban Group, founded by people like him, as its brand ambassador.

“When I asked them why they had chosen me as their  Brand ambassador, they replied, “There would be several people who would be willing to take on this role for the sake of money or for fame. Only you would be willing to take this up for society. That is why we have chosen you. It is not necessary for those who work for society to be star actors.”

Nanban Group Founder Gopala Krishnan, who spoke next, welcomed the gathering, saying that the function wouldn’t have been as grand as it was, had it not been for the participation and co-operation of those present.

“The Nanban group has been lending a helping hand for several social causes. The main reason for starting the Nanban group is Nanbanism. Irrespective of what kind of life we lead and where we are, Nanbanism is about lending unconditional help with love to those around us.  Nanbanism doesn’t differentiate between people on the basis of caste, creed, community or gender. Everybody over here is a nanban or a friend, including the Guinness Record holder Kutraleeswaran,” he said.

He further said, “Nanban Group is a non-profit organisation. We have now started a new entity from this group called Nanban Entertainment. This organisation will focus on film production and look to render as much help as it can to those in Tamil Nadu first and then to those in India and then to those around the world.

“All the schemes that we formulate will be for the benefit of Tamilians. The newly started Nanban Entertainment too will look to give opportunities to those who are talented but haven’t had the opportunity or platform to showcase them. There are several investors who are eager to invest in the group.”

Gopala Krishnan said that the entities would function based on the profits the group made from its various verticals. “We have helped millions around the world in these last four years,” he explained.

Speaking on the occasion, Nanban Group’s International Entertainment Head Narain Ramasamy congratulated Gopala Krishnan for coming up with the concept of Nanbanism.

“If I have to explain about Nanban G K succinctly, he is like the sun and we are all like the moons revolving around him. Love makes one knowledgeable, art makes one an artist, meditation makes one find peace and it is one’s helpful nature that makes him divine,” he said.

He further went on to point out that GK would often say that everybody must stand on their own feet.  “GK would often say that you must stand all through your life. You must stand for your family and relatives till the time you die. You must stand for your society,” he recalled.

“We are rendering service in several fields like sports and agriculture. Once, when I met actor Aari Arujunan, he asked me why we hadn’t done anything for the fields of art and culture. That was when it occurred to me that one who loses his field will lose his wealth. The one who loses the arts of his land will lose his culture. To help us realise about our roots and to preserve it, we have started this venture. We have started this organisation to give opportunities to helpless artistes and to motivate them.”

Stating that they hadn’t sought donations from the public, or publicised or advertised any efforts they had made to help others so far, he pointed out that this time they were making an exception and publicising the event in the hope that it would motivate others as well to do good deeds.

Actor Nasser, who spoke after inaugurating Nanban Entertainment , said, “Aari explained in detail about the Nanban Group. The most noble relationship in the world is that of a friend. I would like to first thank them for making this noble relationship into a concept and then looking to spread it all around the world.

“When foreigners do something, they tend to document it. However, we have failed to protect several of our accomplishments.

“Nanbanism does not require any definition. There is no need to define friendship. To you who are taking that simple relationship, that simple feeling to everybody around the world, I wish to dedicate friendship to you on behalf of all friends in this auditorium.”

“I consider it an honour to inaugurate Nanban Entertainment, the film production company. Let us be friends. All those who have been honoured with awards here are my friends. They are people who have guided me from the time when I did not know what I would become. Kavignar Arivumathi came forward all by himself and helped me when I was directing a film. The relationship I share with Professor Ramasamy is a puzzle. Had it not been for artist Dratsky Marudhu, I wouldn’t have been able to write at all.”

Speaking on the occasion, Poet Arivumathi said, “My father named me Mathiyazhagan. A friend of mine who was born in the Cuddalore port was called Arivazhagan. We became friends at the Annamalai university. I became that family’s child, he became a child of my family. When friends looked for us, they would ask, ‘Have you seen Arivu…Mathi?  It is for the sake of my friendship in Annamalai University that I took the name Arivumathi”.

Renowned Cinematographer P C Sreeram, who was among those honoured with an award on the occasion, said, “It is only after coming here that I realised that I had come to a healthy place called Friendship. I believe that the award bestowed on me will motivate me to do my work better. Thank you.”

Art director and award winner D Muthuraj, during the course of his speech said, “I thank all my producers on this occasion. Cinematographer  P C Sreeram  is a genius. I have danced when his name appeared on screen at the Pallavi Theatre in Coimbatore during a screening of the Tamil film Idhayathai Thirudaathe. Later, I was extremely happy to work alongside him in a film. Now, I am delighted that I am receiving an award alongside him. “

Director Cheran, in his speech, said, “We have all joined hands to form our government. The government functions using the money that we provide it. The government does what we require. However, some things that the government cannot do, friends in this group provide. Therefore, they are a mini-government. Friends have joined hands to provide help to all whom they know. I am duty bound to welcome and wish this group that is providing all help that is necessary to society.  Just like P C Sreeram said, the award that has been bestowed on me will prove to be a motivation for my future efforts.”

On the occasion, the Craft Masters Awards were presented to director Bhagyaraj, cinematographer P C Sreeram, director Cheran, Art director Muthuraj and director Vetrimaran.

The Nanban Awards were presented to artist Dratsky Marudhu, Prof. Mu Ramasamy, poet Arivumathi, Purasai Kannappa Sambandham, Periya Melam Kalaignar Munnusamy. The awards were presented by Tamil Film Producers Council president Thenandal Murali Ramasamy, Nadigar Sangam President Nasser and cinematographer P C Sreeram.

The Nanban Talent Gateway awards were presented to debut filmmakers Ganesh K Babu, Vignesh Raja, Vinayak Chandrashekaran, Muthu Kumar, Aruvi Madan on behalf of Mandhiramoorthy. The awards carried a citation and a cheque for Rs One lakh each.

Nanban Entertainment

Nanban EntertainmentNanban Entertainment


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