The shooting almost completes of Kaatera movie directed by Tarun Sudhir and starring Challenging Star Darshan in the lead role, produced by popular producer Rockline Venkatesh, who has given many popular films to the Kannada film industry.

More information about this was given by the members of the film team in the press conference. Producer Rockline Venkatesh said, The shooting of the film “Kaatera” produced by our company is almost over. It has been a hundred days of shooting so far. Only three songs are yet to be shot. This is a story set in the seventies. So we erupted the village set at this place. The shooting will be completed in a few days. Loved the story told by Tarun.

Darshan is playing the lead role in this film and Malashree’s daughter Aradhana is making her debut opposite darshan for the first time. The film has a huge star cast of popular artists. Music is scored by V Harikrishna. Producer Rockline Venkatesh said thanks to the entire team for helping to make the film well.

After the film “Guru Shishyaru”, Jadesh and I wrote the story of this film together. Director Tarun Sudhir started the conversation saying that this is a story written for Darshan, then Darshan told us to tell this story to Rockline Venkatesh. Rockline sir liked the story and started the film. As the heroine of this film Aradhana, the daughter of veteran actress Malashree, was chosen by the producers, Darshan and myself. Aradhana is an amazing actress. Finished almost all scenes in one take. The film is set in the 1970s and a lavish village set erupted on Kanakapura Road. One hundred days of shooting is complete. He said that only the shooting of the songs is pending.

Challenging Star Darshan said, I was involved in shooting for 71 days in 100 days of shooting. Rock Line Venkatesh is lavishly producing this film. Tarun and Jadesh have made a good story. Malashree’s daughter Aaradhana plays the lead role in this film. She is an artist who can act out of any situation in a single take.

It was a pleasure to act with veteran actors like Avinash, Jagapathi Babu, Vinod Alva, Kumar Govind. Darshan said that Sudhakar’s cinematography is amazing and I think he can win an award for his cinematography.

This is my first film. The character is good. Heroine Aradhana says I am thankful to Rock Line Venkatesh, Tarun Sudhir and Darshan for giving me the opportunity.

Veteran actors Avinash, Kumar Govind, Vinod Alva, cinematographer Sudhakar, Tarun Sudhir along with story, screenplay writer Jadesh, dialogue writer Masti spoke about the film. Senior actress Malashree wished the film crew.





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