Ashika Ranganath

Sandalwood actress Ashika Ranganath has escaped in public from a fan trying to kiss her in a award function. News of this incident was reported on the social networking site. In addition, the video of the actress’s face was not visible.

Some people who watched this video earlier thought the heroine was Rashmika. Later it was clear that the actress in the video was Ashika Ranganath. Even Director Pavan Wodeyar has now clarified about this video.

The above video has the real footage that was shot by a crew member of Raymo movie team. Here the actress Ashika Ranganath in the video is enacting a scene from the movie, where they are walking the red carpet of a award ceremony. Here one of the actress fans try to suddenly catch hold of her and kiss her on the cheek.

Later he is shown running away after that incident where the bouncers try to catch hold of him. The actress is shown serious and shocked by the fans behaviour and tries ease herself from the neck pain as the fan had pulled her.

Director Pavan Wadeyar clarifies on the issue, “This is the Raymo film shooting that everyone is calling for. Many are calling for a poor artist kiran and threatening him. Clarified it to media today. Pls dont spread the wrong news. ”

This video is from the upcoming Pavan Wadeyar directorial ‘Raymo’ movie staring Ishaan and Ashika Ranganath in the lead roles. Kiran is the artist played a fan character, who fled from the actress after trying to kiss her in the movie shoot. The video is spreading fake rumors that Kiran is threatening people everywhere. It was shot by a junior artist during the filming and then posted on a social networking site.

Even actress Ashika Ranganath has also clarified this. In a tweet, Pawan said he had pleaded not to spread false news. Pawan Wodeyar’s ‘Raymo’ is a love story and its shooting is almost over.

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