Actor Sathish Ninasam

Lockdown has been announced across the country for 21 days in fear of corona, and the actor and actress have been self-imposed. Actor Sathish Ninasam is also self-imposed. But he has come on a bicycle to buy vegetables.

Ninasam Satish is currently in Rajarajeshwari city, where he went to the shops and bought vegetables for home. The video was shared on their Instagram and RR city is very quiet. No one is coming out unnecessarily. The people here are very sensitive.

When the country is quiet the people should act in a calm manner. Not everyone should come to the store at once. Come along and buy the essentials. Thank you to the people for this. We have seen so many people clashing with police in different parts. But RR city is very quiet. Thus come alone and buy the necessary things and cooperate with others. People here are very appreciative that they are cooperating.

Behave the same in your area too, support the police as much as possible, try to stay wherever you are, I am also at home. I stay at home as long as the lockdown is in effect.

Stay home with all of you, and if you are fine, you can lead a wonderful life. Take the vegetable as much as you want. There are not so many people, and there are shops everywhere. Some people are panicking and buying more than they need. Don’t do it that way. Also please do not disturb.

Actor Sathish Ninasam



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