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The huge success of Rajakumaara, the previous outing together of Puneeth Rajkumar and director Santhosh Anandram, seems to have played a heavy hand on Yuvarathnaa . The story structure, narrative pattern, dialogues, the over-packed cast all hint at an attempt to recreate the earlier success.

Of course, the story is entirely different. Yuvarathnaa makes a case for government institutions in higher education. A star who transcends both cinematic and personal appeal is used to hammer in this view against an assorted assembly of villains.

The first half of the film is used to draw all the characters to their places, while the hero and heroine dream up a couple of duets. It is in the second half where all the real action is. The waning expectation of the slow first half is made up subsequently with twists, turns and inducement of emotional highs.

Director Santhosh Anandraam knows all the tricks of the trade. He employs them impeccably. Leaving the audience on an emotional high in the end is a sure shot success formula. The question left hanging however is whether the audience are taken high enough.

The second half is racy enough for this job. The movie has a big budget chest and technical superiority cannot be faulted. But some of the other aspects fall behind.

Artistic liberty extends to how the courts and government universities function. Yuvarathnaa boasts of an ensemble cast like never before, but not all of them justified. Like in Rajakumaara, every second dialogue is idolatry. Too good for fans but embarrassingly fulsome. The biggest disappointment however are the songs. The leading lady is an eye candy and that is what she is used for.

A star vehicle needs the star more than the star needs it. In every which way, the film depends on Puneeth and Rajkumar. If you loved Rajakumaara, you will love Yuvarathnaa even more.

Cast and Crew

Movie : Yuvarathnaa
Censor: U/A
Duration: 161 Minutes 
Stars : 3/5


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