A Bengaluru boy working as a senior manager at Walmart in the US, makes his 5th music video with a social message. His recently released music video titled ‘Hope‘, aims at showing inequalities in society by taking ‘Vitiligo’ disability.

Speaking to CiniMirror, Adarsh Iyengar said, “HOPE” is a Rock-Classical-EDM Musical single aimed at showing inequalities in society by taking “VITILIGO” disability as an example. This Musical Single is our way to show our audience and society that none of the folks deserve to be mistreated because of any sort of disability they have. The reason this particular topic of Vitiligo was chosen is because I have seen many of them with this disability in my close circles throughout my lifetime till now and I have realised how hard it is for them to deal with the society they live in on a day-to-day basis.”

Bringing awareness of social issues thru our contents of any form is and will always be the goal of our production house. The video recently crossed a million views on “Adarsh Iyengar” YouTube channel and was appreciated whole heartedly from all the sections of audiences, he said.

Adarsh added, “The next Music Video “Quit” which will be released soon is about another sensitive social topic that has started bothering families – “Drug Addiction”. We have tried to keep it raw and real as in what can happen if one gets addicted to drugs and the consequences for the same with some entertainment and Twists alike. It makes me proud to say that we as a team put our heart out to make quality content like these and bundle everything inside a 3 and a half to 4 minutes video. More news on this soon will be shared.”



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