Tarakasura Trailer doesnt reveal the story


It looks like a new subject with a huge character artists are present in the movie. The fight between good and evil is the inside thread of the film. Danny Saphani has appeared for the first time in Kannada cinema and looks terrifying also the voice over is in sync . But the lead actor looks too dramatic except the fight scenes the emotions are not conveyed in his face. The demon is fought for the good of the people.

There is also a tender love story in this film between Vybhav and Manvitha Harish is what the trailer depicts. Chandrasekhar Bandiappa of ‘Rathavara’ fame has written story, screenplay and dialogue for this film. He has once again tried to catch the pulse of fans showing the darker side of evil elements.

Jolly Bastin and Different Danny stunts looks very interesting and reminds Jackie movie fire fight scene , KM Prakash editing in the trailer seems to be upto the mark.


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