Shooting for Kiccha Sudeeps Phantom resumed in Hyderabad on Thursday morning. A special request by Kiccha Sudeep has been fulfilled by producer Jack Manju.

The producer Jack Manjunath speaking to a media said that Kiccha Sudeep had asked for all technicians of Kannada industry be used for the shoot. Also the Kannada Film Association had requested, Similarly around 250 technicians including lighting and othet equipments are being brought from Karnataka.

He added, The movie is short in a 3 storey building, so all 250 technicians and artists from Bengaluru have been brought to Annapurna Studios in Hyderabad. This is done to show support and courage in our people.

The Director Anup Bhandari is all preparred to start the shoot, as the movie shoot got postponed due to COVID19 pandemic. Even actor Sudeep was eagerly waiting to get back to work. He has been ripping his body through work out all these lockdown days.

The Phantom movie team has taken all precautionary and safety measures at the shooting location. Also the team is strictly following the central government issued guidelines at the work place.

Sudeep's phantom Sudeep's phantom Sudeep's phantom


What are in those three special sets of Sudeep’s Phantom?


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