Nasaab: Son Leads and Directs a Father’s Story


Kannada cinema continues to thrive with quality content, and the latest film “Nasaab” is no exception. Recently, the trailer and songs of “Nasaab” were released in a grand event, receiving widespread acclaim.

The event was graced by esteemed guests including Banjara Shaktipeetha’s Sri Kumar Maharaj, former Deputy Speaker Rudrappa M Lamani, IAS officer Jagadish G, former MLA P. Rajeev, Dr. Shobha G, Shobha T.R., and Harish, who unveiled the trailer and songs, wishing success for the film. Following the launch, members of the film crew shared their thoughts.

Kishore Kumar Naik, who inspired the story, spoke passionately about the film, stating, “This is the story of my life.” He recounted how his parents had fourteen children and faced severe poverty. Despite these challenges, a boy from the Banjara community excelled academically and eventually rose to a prestigious position. This forms the crux of “Nasaab.” Kishore Kumar Naik had penned his life story into a book titled “Nasaab,” which his friend Harish suggested turning into a film. Harish played a pivotal role in the making of this film. Kishore’s son, Keerthi Kumar Naik, directs and stars in the film, with Shefali Singh Soni playing the female lead.

The cast includes notable actors like B Jayashree, Padma Vasanthi, Vijay Kashi, Tabla Nani, Nagendra Aras, Shobh Raj, Prakash, and Hanumantha Gowda. “Nasaab” means “justice” in the Lambani language. Kishore Kumar Naik expressed immense gratitude to the distinguished guests and locals for their support and announced that the film would be released soon.

Director and lead actor Keerthi Kumar Naik thanked his father, Kishore Kumar Naik, for entrusting him with this responsibility and expressed his gratitude to the guests. He acknowledged the veteran actors and technicians who supported his debut film and called for continued encouragement for their work.

Actress Shefali Singh Soni, along with actors Vijay Kashi, Tabla Nani, Nagendra Urs, and Prakash, shared insights about their roles in “Nasaab.” Produced by Sujata Kishore Naik under the Keerthi Creations banner, the film’s music is composed by Raagam.



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