The Villain Review : Modern day Ramayana in Prem style


The Villain revolves around Ram (Kichcha Sudeep) & Ramanna (Shiva Rajkumar). Ram who is an international don crosses paths with Ramanna, a villager. Ramanna is on a mission to find Ram (Sudeepa). Reason to find Ram is the crux of the story with Director Prem’s style of telling an old black and white story.

Set in the present day world, it’s an adaption of the relationship and the analogy of the iconic characters Ram and Ravan. Whether Ravana is good or bad, but his smart of thinking is required to live in present life rather being a kind hearted Rama is what Prem tries to tell.

The story and every character essayed do Justice to their role and fit in properly except Amy Jackson, looks like Alice lost in the Wonderland. Here the director has lost his execution in the screenplay or else the story has all its ingredients for audience to watch.

However just to entertain and make it a commercial film there are fights and songs placed in the movie. It is better Prem should stop using wigs to his actors, when they have their own style of acting does look change the emotions. Also the CG and VFX is a hole to producers pocket, rather create such songs it can be improvised with good choreographers.

Otherwise every thing in the movie is fine for audience to watch, it is a commercial movie with action, drama, dialogues and songs. Shivanna has justified his role as an actor even though his screen presence is less than Sudeep’s , he has supported the story to take it forward. Never forget to admire and laud the performance of Sudeep, at times he remembers you of Sanjay Dutt from Kalnayak and also Heath Ledger(Joker of Batman movie).

Except three songs that are good to listen but visually it could have been choreographed well and the BGM given by Arjun Janya is average. Prem never forgets to give audience the feel of mother sentiment, senior actress and mother of south cinema Saranya always gives her best to keep audience emotions in her acting. It is an one time watch, as it is a treat to watch two big stars Shivanna and Sudeep together on screen.


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