Mr Bachelor

Shyam S Prasad

The first half of Mr Bachelor is an adult-comedy for those on the cusp of adulthood. The second half is a dose of guilt-inducing treatment for all the guilty pleasure. Overall, it is an entertaining time-pass flick that does not disappoint and is worth its ticket price for all those willing to bunk classes for it. This is the kind of film youngsters would like to watch with their pals rather than with their parents.

Darling Krishna and Milana Nagaraj continue with their quick succession of movies. Though it is Nimika in the female lead, Milana too has an important part to play in the proceedings. Krishna’s string of romances continues with this entertaining outing.

The plot is of a young man who is obsessed with marriage since childhood. He gets a reality check when his parents begin the search for a bride for him. Compatibility is the word that is found missing in all attempts. A strange deadline imposed by a priest further complicates things for him. The real problem however starts when the girl he is supposed to marry imposes an impossible condition. Friends of Karthik (Krishna) try their best to help him fulfill the task but each one ends up in a disaster. This makes for a rib-tickling series of events. Even if not a hilarious laugh-riot, the narrative does provide funny moments constantly.

The comedy of the first half leads to the addressing of a serious issue in the second. But it is handled very commercially. It is good in a way not to be preachy and self-righteous. The film sticks to its mandate of providing entertainment even in the second half.

The performances of all the main characters are satisfactory. There is good on screen chemistry between the lead actors. Chikkanna delivers his version of comedy to perfection. One stand-out performance is that of Pavithra Lokesh. Ayyappa however is not as menacing as his character ought to have been.

Technically, it is a sound film with good production values. Nothing is spared to make it visually appealing and a great deal of it should be credited to the cinematographer Sri. A romantic comedy deserved much better songs. A blockbuster number would have done a whole world of good for the film. What we have are decent melodies but not exactly the foot-tapping kind.

Mr Bachelor is a film aimed at the college crowd and that is where it finds its mark. It is neither low-brow nor a nuanced exploration of a serious subject. It is just what a jolly crowd comes out to experience; enjoyment.

Mr Bachelor

Film: Mr Bachelor
Director: Naidu Bandaaru
Cast: ‘Darling’ Krishna, Nimika Ratnakar, Milana Nagaraj, Chikkanna, Pavithra Lokesh, Ayyappa Sharma
Duration: 138 minutes
Certificate: U/A 


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