Meghana Raj

Actress Meghana Raj Sarja and her new born son have been tested Covid positive. The same has been informed by the late actor Chiranjeevi Sarja‘s wife on her social media account on Tuesday.

Earlier the day, actor Sundar Raj and actress Pramila Joshai parents of Meghana Raj were tested positive for Covid. The news was confirmed by them to media.

In a tweet actress Meghana Raj Sarja said, “Hello all, my father, mother, myself and my little son have been tested positive for covid. We have informed everyone who have come in contact with us during the past few weeks about our results. I urge Chiru and my fans to not fret and assuring you guys that we are all doing fine and are currently under treatment. Junior C is fine and keeping me occupied every second. We as a family will fight this battle and will come out of it victorious.”

Meghana Raj

While parents Sundar Raj and Pramila are receiving treatment in hospital. Meghana and her small son are quarantined at home. The family is worried on how they have been infected even without anyone’s contact. Speaking to a media, Sundar Raj has appealed to those who are in touch with them to be careful.

Meanwhile Pramila Joshai got admitted to a Hospital in Jayanagar on Sunday, as a precautionary measure. Later she was confirmed with the report of Covid positive. But Pramila Joshai is currently in healthcare and is in Isolation on the advice of doctors.

The fans and well wishers of Chiranjeevi Sarja and Meghana are pouring in messages on social media for speedy recovery.

Meghana Raj


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