Legend sleeping like this is heart tearing : Sudeep on Ambi


Actor Kiccha Sudeep in his own words describe about Rebel Star Ambareesh sad demise.

As Sudeep says, It’s one of those days where you have a bad dream and you tell yourself ‘lemme please wake up so that the nightmare stops’.

The world of cinema received another big blow n once again a bad one. We lost another Legend . With him, We lost our Leader,a parent, a guide, a blessing hand, a voice, a strength, a power,a shoulder, a friend, we have lost a beautiful soul.

The news was heart breaking, but seeing the Legend sleeping like this is heart tearing. We all have known him and seen him as one Dynamic personality who commanded respect every place he was present at and an Unmatchable Aura. A person who had no boundaries and lived life KING SIZE.

I always felt he was a blessed child . Felt this way coz I rarely saw anyone not liking him. I haven’t yet come across someone who could avoid or ignore him. He earned friends every place he went and that still remains a mystery as to how he only had friends n not a single FOE. In short, a completely rare human, and one of the kind.

We always feel Certain stories or certain lives shouldn’t end n he falls in both these categories .

I wish I could rewind few situations. I wish I could turn back the clock. I wish I could go back to that day when I gave my 1st ever shot in cinema(falling to his feet), I wish i go back to the first ever time I saw him where I hear th door bell in Shimoga,, I run to open the door n find this tall dark man standing with a sling bag , wearing a white Kurtha, and I hear my fathers voice from behind me saying ‘volage baarayya Ambi.’
Will miss u mama.


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