Kaiva Movie Review: Gripping Action, Compelling Performances


In the realm of action cinema, “Kaiva” emerges as a compelling narrative that justifies its gritty pursuit of revenge in the face of a heinous act. Set against the backdrop of the 1980s, the film boasts a throwback style and rich characterizations that resonate with authenticity.

Directed by Jayateertha, “Kaiva” successfully fulfills its mission of delivering a tale where a common man, ensnared in the power play of the underworld elite, displays remarkable resilience in seeking retribution for the injustices inflicted upon him.

The protagonist’s methods may tread the line of morality, but his journey manages to captivate the audience, garnering their support and empathy. Notably, the film draws inspiration from true incidents, and its robust storyline stands as a testament to this fact.

The narrative unfolds in the year 1983, with the Bengaluru Karaga festival and the tragic Gangaram building collapse incident serving as poignant backdrops. Director Jayateertha masterfully captures the essence of the era, not only through meticulous set design and character attire but also in the nuances of speech and mannerisms. This attention to detail emerges as a standout feature of the film, immersing viewers in the authentic atmosphere of the 80s.

Adding an extra layer of intrigue, Jayateertha enlists the talents of five directors, namely Dinakar Toogudeepa, Ramesh Indira, BM Giriraj, and Raghu Shivamogga, to assume special roles. The inclusion of these directors proves to be a stroke of genius, as they not only enhance the narrative but occasionally outshine seasoned actors like Ugramm Manju and Nandagopal, giving them a run for their money.

Dhanveerrah, taking the lead, has skillfully shed all his rough edges to present a convincing portrayal of an avenger. However, it is Megha Shetty who steals the spotlight with a superlative performance. Her ability to convey emotions through her eyes and tears is so impactful that it might leave you teary-eyed even amidst the intense action sequences.

Supported by an exceptional technical crew, “Kaiva” emerges as a meticulously crafted film. The cinematography, editing, art direction, and music seamlessly complement each other, enhancing the overall narrative. A noteworthy contribution behind the scenes comes from the dialogue writer, Raghu Niduvalli, whose work stands out as a key element in the film’s success.

“Kaiva” not only delivers on the action front but also stands out as a cinematic time capsule, offering viewers a nostalgic journey into the sights, sounds, and ethos of the 1980s. With its powerful storytelling and compelling performances, the film ensures that its impact lingers long after the credits roll.


Film: Kaiva
Director: Jayateertha
Cast: Dhanveerrah, Megha Shetty, Ugramm Manju, Raghu Shivamogga, Ramesh Indira, Nandagopal, Karthik Jayaram
Duration: 137 minutes
Certificate: A
Language: Kannada


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