Instant Karma will be an Instant Success


Director Sandeep Mahantesh, who had earlier Directed DK Bose, is donning the director’s hat once again for Instant Karma. The movie is said to be a crime thriller. Instant Karma will release in theaters on this April 1st.

Speaking to CiniMirror, Director Sandeep explains why the movie is titled Instant Karma, “Every act must be rewarded. It could be anytime, is the theory of Karma Phala in mythology. But not so in today’s world. Since everything is a “fast code”, Karma too will be experienced Instantly. Now, with the same theme, a movie titled “Instant Karma” is coming to the screen,” he says.

Sandeep Mahantesh who had earlier Directed DK Bose, which was based on orphan youngsters involved in a scam. He said, “When I had taken my Mother to Hospital, an incident I witnessed there gave me the story I was seeking for. A few additions to the incident, with a new kind of narrative style, has given uniqueness to movie, when we start a movie it should be 5 years ahead of present time.”

The starcast includes a young team like Yash Shetty, Kenda Shrestha (Salaga fame), Anjan Dev, Prajwal Shetty and Hari Dhananjaya are lead actors in the movie, Santosh Mahantesh has Produced the movie, under the banner Break Free Cinemas.

Most of the shooting was done in Bengaluru and outskirts of the city. Music composed by Suraj Jois, Cinematography by Bhaskar V Reddy and Edited by Suresh Arumugam.

The movie has come out as we expected and it’s an edge of the seat thriller, audience will not feel like checking their phone even for a moment. It will be loved for its uniqueness, as the movie will connect well with the audience. Instant Karma will be an Instant Success says the team.

Instant Karma



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