Not so sweet as sugar that makes journalists follow you Sruthi Hariharan.  It is our duty as Media to report as ants, taking news to the public on what is happening around us.

On Monday, Sruthi Hariharan went to meet Chairperson of Womens Commission over her #MeToo allegation against the actor Arjun Sarja for harassing her. Before meeting the chairperson of Women’s Commission, she did push away all media and went in. Later she apologised and said she respects media.

The actress Sruthi accompanied with her lawyer Arun Naik got in to the Women’s Commission chamber and met Nagalakshmi Bai, the Chairperson. Sruthi again was heard saying, “I am like sugar, that is why people gather around me like ants.” This was meant stating that media people are ants and she was the sugar. Later when questioned about her statement on comparing media to ants, she refused to answer and went back.

Speaking on this matter, Nagalakshmi Bai, chairperson of the Women’s Commission, discussed on the issue and got clarification from Shruti Hariharan. “Women should not share their problems on social networking site. Instead they should come to the police and the women’s commission to complaint. As the matter is now in the court, i cannot take up this case or comment on it.” Nagalakshmi said.

Adding to it, She said, “Sruthi has complained that she has undergone sexual harassment, several women from Sandalwood have talked about being harassed. Also Sruthi has been receiving lewd messages on her mobile phone. So we are going to complain to cyber crime police on lewd messages.”

“I need to express my feelings. So I came to the commission, “said Sruthi to Nagalakshmi. Talking to media she said, I am standing here as a voice to hundreds of women who have faced sexual harassment.  I have risked it all to complain and now i am strong. I have evidence and have produced it to the court .”

When asked about actress Sanjana Galarani apologising to the directors association and taking her words back on MeToo remarks on Director Srivatsa. Sruthi said, “I am still stand with Sanjana and support her.”


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